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Dauerhafter Begleiter für meinen blinden Freund und Lehrer gesucht / looking for permanent guide for my blind friend and teacher

I am Kiniku and I live in Berlin in a community. The founder of this community is blind and we are urgently looking for a new guide.Hidgi, that is his name, is an incredible man cause he is a shaolin master / monk and has so much to offer. He is looking for a person to help with the things in the daily life and to travel in the world to help in humanitarian projects.

On his youtube channel there are two videos about this "position" of his last guides.

Testimony of the last guide

Testimony of two previous guides

If you are interested you can get in touch with him directly or you can contact me first on [email protected] if you have questions or whatever.

In case you want to contact him directly please answer to the question he has to get to know you already:

QUESTIONS:Name:Surname:Weight:Size:Age:Gender :Do you practice sport? Which kind?Which languages can you speak? At which level? (beginner/middle/pro)Are you vegetarian?You drink alcohol?Do you smoke or take drugs?Do you have a religion? Do you follow it?What are the best five books you read?What are the best five films you watched?

You can contact him on whatsapp or telegram: TELEGRAM and WHATSAPP +33 7 69 96 99 95

He will be back to Berlin on the 12.01.19. Also he will give a martial arts lesson on the 13.01.19 if you are interested to meet him.

It is a great opportunity to do something different and cool in your life. To help someone who is amazing but also to learn and discover the world as you maybe didn't do before. :)


Pätzer Str.
12359 Berlin

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